Things to avoid while video editing

How To Learn About The Best Video Editing Techniques
Did you know that you could use the Internet to learn more about video editing? First, you can do a quick Google search in order to find a few well-written articles on the subject. Second, you can log into YouTube and search for countless high quality and professional tutorials on video editing. You can also search for tutorials on Vimeo as well. However, YouTube will provide you with the greatest results for your search. This is a great Read the rest of this entry »

How to make your movies like Hollywood

Home movies have come a long way with the recent developments in high-definition technologies, but amateur movie makers still need to take certain steps to create films that could be worthy of the big screen. Readers can find several tips below to help turn their movies into professional-grade films.

Almost every movie has a shot that establishes the location of an event. If you are filming your son’s soccer game, begin by taking a panoramic shot of the soccer field.

The cutaway shots used in professional movies should also appear your film. For example, when Read the rest of this entry »

The Do’s and Dont’s of Video Editing

DO familiarize yourself with basic film editing techniques. There are a few simple rules of good storytelling that will help your movies flow better and improve your viewers’ experience.

DON’T just jump right into your editing software and expect to produce a masterpiece. Like any art form, video production takes patience and practice.

DO log your files before you get started. Watch each and every clip, give them descriptive names, and make notes of Read the rest of this entry »

Video Editing 101: What you need to know

The video editing process can be a long, involved and technically complex process. The advent of computer programs and graphics to streamline video editing has actually allowed it to become more involved and sleeker. But there are a few basics that every video editor should know before ever diving into the more complicated aspects.

There are two types of video editing: linear and non-linear. You should know which you’d like to utilize and which tools allow you Read the rest of this entry »

How to make your movies look professional

No matter who you are, you can probably tell the difference between a professional Hollywood film and a shaky home-movie captured on an ancient consumer camcorder. The tells are endless, but here are some tips to help you make your home-videos and movie projects look much more professional.

1. Use a tripod. The bane of most home movies is their shakiness. Motion-sickness is NOT the reaction you want to evoke in your viewers, so use a tripod when you shoot.

2. Move Read the rest of this entry »

Ways to improve your film quality through editing

As a filmmaker you will always be interested in ways to make your films better. One of the top ways to improve the film quality is through various editing techniques. Editing techniques will allow you to manipulate the film in many ways enhancing the over all quality of the film. It is important to receiving tracing and take course on the many different varieties of film editing techniques. This is a process that is not learned over night and will take time to master. Taking the Read the rest of this entry »

Video editing: Tips and Tricks to succeed

Video editing has come a long way from massive tape machines with synchronization to a controller that managed all higher effect functions through a multi-port switcher. Today’s editing is simply done, as computer software has replaced most of the cumbersome hardware and most effects are push button . Still the process can be demanding without the proper preparation.

The key to successful edit is preparation. It begins when you ingest your footage into your editing software. Whether it’s importing files or streaming video, take notes and make locators. Most editing software has these wondrous little devices which allows you to Read the rest of this entry »

Getting Your Foot in the Door

If you’ve spent years watching channels wondering how you can get into film and video editing you’ve come to the right place if you live in Nashville. Here are the best places to get your foot in the door when it comes to making a name for yourself in editing:
Schools: Nashville has a huge public school system and several notable colleges and universities, too. Volunteer to apprentice or produce a spot for your child’s class Read the rest of this entry »

The power of collaborative video

One of the features which make Final Cut Pro so popular is the ability to easily transfer content across the web and compose a finished product. Some online directors are pushing this capability to its extremes, and the results are breathtaking, to say the least. One group regularly producing great content is the online music community. We don’t know if all of these were produced on Final Cut Pro, but they all certainly can be, in addition to much more.The Youtube Symphony Orchestra is probably the most widely-publicized of recent efforts. Sponsored by the London Symphony Orchestra, the project consisted of an open audition across the world of musician’s playing the same piece: Tan Dun’s “Internet Symphony No. 1 ‘Eroica.’” The different videos were compiled into a single video, which can be viewed on the Youtube Symphony Channel. Read the rest of this entry »

iMovie: Apple’s consumer video editing software

Not everybody wants to put down 1,000 to make a home movie of Grandma singing on Christmas Eve. If you’ve got Mac OS X, though, you’ve still got the power to preserve this treasured moment. iMovie is a video-editing software designed for ease of use by anybody. The newest version for Mac OS X is iMovie ’09, although the iPhone 4 supports a new iMovie for iOS.’09 keeps what worked in the previous settings and also restores some beloved features which were missing in iMovie ’08. These include the options for speeding up or slowing down footage and the ability to mark where different scenes were shot. There’s also the new ability to easily search through your library and find exactly what you’re looking for. You can read more about the application’s features at Apple’s official web site. iMovie is only available on Mac OS X, as it has been since iMovie 3.