How to make your movies look professional

No matter who you are, you can probably tell the difference between a professional Hollywood film and a shaky home-movie captured on an ancient consumer camcorder. The tells are endless, but here are some tips to help you make your home-videos and movie projects look much more professional.

1. Use a tripod. The bane of most home movies is their shakiness. Motion-sickness is NOT the reaction you want to evoke in your viewers, so use a tripod when you shoot.

2. Move the camera slowly.The whole story can be found at A lot of home videos are riddled with over-active & spastic camera motion. This makes it hard to follow the action and focus on what the movie is trying to show. Move the camera slowly and deliberately. When using a tripod, pan smoothly and without rushing. This will automatically make your videos look much more professional.

3. Desaturate. If you edit your videos on a laptop or home computer, use your editing software to slightly desaturate your footage. Most consumer camcorders capture much more color than you see in an average blockbuster film. By removing a small amount of color, your footage will look much more like a cinema creation and less like a home movie.