iMovie: Apple’s consumer video editing software

Not everybody wants to put down 1,000 to make a home movie of Grandma singing on Christmas Eve. If you’ve got Mac OS X, though, you’ve still got the power to preserve this treasured moment. iMovie is a video-editing software designed for ease of use by anybody. The newest version for Mac OS X is iMovie ’09, although the iPhone 4 supports a new iMovie for iOS.’09 keeps what worked in the previous settings and also restores some beloved features which were missing in iMovie ’08. These include the options for speeding up or slowing down footage and the ability to mark where different scenes were shot. There’s also the new ability to easily search through your library and find exactly what you’re looking for. You can read more about the application’s features at Apple’s official web site. iMovie is only available on Mac OS X, as it has been since iMovie 3.