Video editing: Tips and Tricks to succeed

The key to successful edit is preparation. It begins when you ingest your footage into your editing software. Whether it’s importing files or streaming video, take notes and make locators. Most editing software has these wondrous little devices which allows you to mark an individual shot, or sequence of shots and tag them appropriately. This might seem like a small thing until you’re juggling 20 files and you’ve forgotten which is which.
Time is lost mostly through unrecognizable file names, mislabeled, or unlabeled files, and mismatched file formats.
This is why the ingestion process is as important as the actual edit. Mistakes in ingestion are always time consuming and are 100 avoidable. With each file you ingest take notice of the original file format and correct if necessary. Make copious notes on the footage being ingested, including keeping a “good shot” log which allows for more freedom and creativity in your edit. Lastly before you cut your first frame backup all your previous work.
Good preparation is only good if it’s saved!